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THE STORY BEHIND little people

By Michelle Palmer on jUNE 13, 2019

Little People the brand has been in the making from as early as I can remember. My Mum taught me to sew when I was about 10 and I still remember the day she bought home a new sewing machine. It was a brown Husqvarna, which I thought was really strange 'cause I thought they only made lawn mowers. From that moment, I was sewing anything I could, from little bags to clothes for my cabbage patch kids and then I progressed to high school skirts (if you made them yourself, you could make them as short as you like) and then my Year 11 Formal Dress. What a stunning green waterwave taffeta number that was. In my defence, it was in the early 90's....... and yes, it is still hanging in my wardrobe.

I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in some craft classes after school and started getting orders from Mum's friends. From mouse door stops to cot quilts to puppets for a puppet show. The realisation that I could make money from my sewing fueled my love for it.

I would keep every single scrap of fabric or lace, incase I could use it one day. I remember when we moved house, we had a moving company pack our boxes. The packers came out of my room and made comment on the insane amount of #*$% in a little girls room.

Wherever I moved as an adult, I was not far from a machine. My first sewing machine was funily enough, a beautiful blue 'Palmer Princess' that I picked up for $5 at vinnies in my 20's. And yes, I still have that machine... And yes, I'm still a hoarder. My machine count is currently at 7 domestic machines and 2 industrials, but who is counting. 

I am now lucky enough to have my own studio to put all of those sewing machines in. I have a dream for my brand and in amongst juggling all that needs to be juggled with 3 littlle kids, I find a little bit of time each day to devote to my passion. I absolutely love to create some beautiful designs for your special little people for their special occasions. Whether it be a wedding, a communion or a newborn photoshoot. I absolutely love seeing all of your photos with your special people wearing Little People.

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